Post-Jam Version 1.1 Is Out!

Post-jam version is out! Features include:

  • There is now a high-score board. If you can beat any of our high scores, please @ us on Twitter!
  • The game tracks your progress at defeating enemies and finding secrets
  • PC version is now available alongside the browser version
  • Floors render much more nicely
  • Better audio
  • Better graphics for a certain endgame objective
  • Enemies react better to being hit, visually and through their AI behavior
  • Tweaked the level layout to be a little more generous about crashing down to the next level in a few important places
  • Fixed a couple of softlocks
  • Many bugfixes

Files (Version 1.1 WebGL) 17 MB
May 19, 2021
Crashdown PC Version 1.1 (Post-Jam) 31 MB
May 19, 2021

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