• Use arrow keys to move
  • Reversing direction throws objects
  • Press Escape to bring up the Menu
  • Don't like the controls? There's an alternate movement control scheme on the Menu screen.

A #mermay game, made in four weeks. Explore three underwater levels! Many thanks to http://twitter.com/animatrix1490 for character art and other help.

This game's core mechanics are based on the Game Boy Color game The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. A late-game mermaid suit upgrade allowed for faster swimming and deep sea diving, but with slightly awkward controls tapping the dpad. This unorthodox control scheme turned into a gimmick, and then I decided to double down on the gimmick and let the player grab and throw things using just the directional controls.

 I made sure most enemies won't attack you from offscreen but if you find yourself dying a lot try moving more slowly. If you find it difficult to hold onto objects, try making wider turns.


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