0.3a Release, 50% Off Sale!

The 0.3a release is out! The biggest new feature is chat. Press ~ and type into the console to chat with other players on your server.

The game is also now 50% off for the next three weeks!

0.3a Release Notes:

  • Pressing F4 now toggles the HUD
  • Added server passwords
  • Added player nametags. The pause menu has a field for setting your name.
  • Added chat, press ~ and type into the console to chat with other players
  • Chat commands now have a "/" in front of them. Type "/help" into the console for details.
  • Spawn will now ensure you have a platform to stand on and anything blocking the spawn will be removed.
  • Added the Mountain Pillars biome
  • Added three tutorial worldgen types to Definitions/ModdingTutorials. Should be releasing YouTube videos explaining them in about a month.
  • Added blocks for Sand, Snow, Cloud, and Platonic Solid
  • Bugfix for terrain textures having discolored lines when viewed from a distance
  • Bugfix for noise generation having discontinuities on some negative axes
  • Bugfix for colors being too bright and washed out
  • Bugfix for a crash when joining servers
  • Made loading saved worlds a bit faster
  • Added a compatibility version for users who were having crash issues


SeptSide_0.3a.zip 19 MB
Dec 05, 2020
SeptSide_0.3a_Demo.zip 19 MB
Dec 05, 2020
SeptSide_0.3a_Compatibility.zip 17 MB
Dec 05, 2020

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